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Ming Bai

Bai Ming, is a contemporary ceramic artist and painter born in September 1965 in Yugan, Jiangxi Province of China.

He is the Director of the Department of Ceramic Art in the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University.

In July 2014, the special exhibition “Bai Ming” was held at the Museum Cernuschi to celebrate “the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-France Diplomatic Relations” by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Chinese Ministry of Culture and Chinese Culture Center.

Since 1996,Bai ming had 17 solo exhibitions in China and overseas.

Bai Ming has published 14 books regarding his own personal work and collections. He has also published 11 series of books for a total of 28 volumes.

Ming Bai - Vessel Ming Bai - Vessel Ming Bai - Vase
Ming Bai - Vase Ming Bai - Vase Ming Bai - Vase
Ming Bai - Sculptural Forms