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Jack Thompson

My work has always been inspired by the art of ancient and aboriginal cultures. My first sculptures represented animal/human deities drawn from Egyptian mythology. Since then, my research has expanded to include religions and mythologies from India to Scandinavia, from Africa to New Hebrides and, from Alaska to Peru. I have found remarkable
similarities in imagery and symbolism from all these cultures, which inform my own conscious and unconscious narratives. The underlying meaning of mythology explains the cosmos and the origins and purpose of the peoples’ existence. Deeper investigation reveals their beliefs
about the wheel of life or the passage of the life force.

Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious describes the genetic predisposition to illustrate idea as icon. Artifacts from vastly different and isolated geographies bear witness to this common inheritance. My study of mythology reveals to me the essence of the images that form my own pantheistic iconography. The animals, people and events that surround me also feed into the unconscious pool from which my characters are ultimately drawn. My interest in world mythology is, for me, a vehicle to educate viewers about our common roots and ancestry in a world where religious dogmatism can be so divisive. I hope, that on a conscious or unconscious level, people drawn to the multicultural symbolism I portray might better understand that we all come from the same roots and that our prejudices are bred from ignorance of our incredible commonalities.
Jack Thompson - Leda and The Heron Jack Thompson - King's Funeral Boat Jack Thompson - Lovers in Ecstasy
Jack Thompson - Leo Jack Thompson - Kneeling Diprosopus