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Michael Ashley

My work invites touch, like a stone plucked from a riverbed I love pots that are smooth in the hand but have a rugged, natural beauty. I observe a constant erosion and evaporation that takes place in my daily environment.I strive for layers of visual depth combining slip, glaze and texture to recall this geological wearing. Traditional utilitarian forms are the vocabulary for my investigation, surfaces are a combination of historic patterns and motifs mixed with the vibrancy and life of midcentury abstract expressionist paintings.

Ritual and habit inform my studio practice. Art, work and play exist in all aspects of life.
I begin my day with tea; boil the water, strain, pour and savor. That rhythm carries throughout my day whether chopping onions or wedging clay. Make something, use it, let it inform your life, make more.

Michael Ashley - Large Red Vessel Michael Ashley - Medium Green and Bronze Jar Michael Ashley - Large Texture Vessel
Michael Ashley - Platter, 20in Michael Ashley - Platter, 27in Michael Ashley - Platter, 25in
Michael Ashley - Trio of Cups Michael Ashley - Drinking Vessel Michael Ashley - Teabowl
Michael Ashley - Wine Cup