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Tom Jaszczak

Form and Line drive my making. Line accents the changes in direction of rims, feet and form. These lines are physical and engage the user, but also serve to break up the pot visually. Formally my work has volume, it speaks of generosity. My pots are minimal and are rooted in the traditional Minnesota pottery I grew up admiring, I want my work to be paired down to the essentials emphasizing the fundamentals of pots and be truly useful. Form communicates a pots gesture; it speaks of utility, my pots reference common shapes and engage one’s imagination.

I seek a balance between tradition and modern. My decoration is minimal or often a simple graphic, placement of this moment is essential to the focal point of each pot.My pots have layers, first the decoration that is bright yet flat and in the foreground.Second the slip that has a rich depth in surface and finally the ruggedness of the clay with scrapes and small pits. The cumulative journey of a pot tells a story and the story brings the user into the moment of making and firing. Slips, trimming lines, finger marks, edges, wad marks, drips, scratches and shadows capture a moment in time and tell more of the story. I react to every firing with new ideas and new information; this keeps the overall process fresh and exciting. A successful pot has depth through these processes, obtains humbleness through form and both a thoughtfulness and playfulness in function.

Tom Jaszczak - Large Lidded Jar Tom Jaszczak - Largest Cookie Jar w/ White Rectangles Tom Jaszczak - Medium Cookie Jar
Tom Jaszczak - Long Oval Serving Tray w/ Green and Blue Lines Tom Jaszczak - Long Oval Serving Tray w/ Pink and Grey Lines Tom Jaszczak - Long Oval Serving Tray w/ Pink and Grey Lines
Tom Jaszczak - Tall Oval Serving Bowl Tom Jaszczak - Large Rectangular Tray w/stripes Tom Jaszczak - Pitcher with Red View 1
Tom Jaszczak - Seven Sided Large Vase Tom Jaszczak - Large Diamond Vase with White Lines Tom Jaszczak - Large Diamond Vase with Red
Tom Jaszczak - Handled Bowl, Yellow and White Stripes Tom Jaszczak - Handled Bowls Tom Jaszczak - Teapot with Green
Tom Jaszczak - Liquor Bottles Tom Jaszczak - Cups and Saucers

2008 B.A., Visual Art, Bemidji State University, MN.
2007 B.S., Biology, Bemidji State University, MN. Minor: Chemistry.
Minor, Chemistry, Bemidji State University, MN, Spring.
2006 Study Abroad, Oxford University, Oxford, England.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
Solo/Two Person Exhibitions:
2017 TWO YOUNG MINNESOTANS, Mike Helke and Tom Jaszczak, Lacoste Gallery Concord, MA.
2016 Boundary Lines, Tom and Maggie Jaszczak, Trax Gallery, Berkeley, CA.
Recent Works, Tom and Maggie Jaszczak, Jane Hartsook Gallery, Greenwich House Pottery, New York, NY.
Recent Works, Artisan Gallery, Belleville, WI.
2015 2nd Year Fellowship Show, Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT.
Recent Works, Sunshine Cobb, Doug Peltzman, Tom Jaszczak, Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe, NM.
2014 New Views, Grand Hand Gallery, St. Paul, MN.
1st Year Fellowship Show, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT.
2012 3 Jerome Artists, Gallery M, Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN.
New Directions, Grand Hand Gallery, St. Paul, MN.
2008 Relationships in Clay, BA Show, Touché Gallery, Bemidji State, Bemidji, MN.