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Anne FlÝche

I work with a clay, basically mixed of ball-clays, perlite and plastic fibers. This is a very strong and flexible clay that allows me to work freely, building 3 dimensional forms as well as laying out quite big slabs, with no drying or firing problems.

My tools are many many different brushes, sticks for incising simple sketches, knives for deeper traces, fingers, all kinds of things, each suiting the purpose I work with.

My colours derives from the principle of terra sigillata.

I very much like the dryness of the engobes and the clay, desert-like, close to the chalk, the whitewashed walls. different stonewares, ball clays, porcelains, local clays, the earth colours, burnt sienna, ochre, burnt umber is my base, under every other color. I mix a never-ending row of test-colours from all kinds of clays, oxides and stains, brush them onto the bone- dry surface and fire to 1100 degrees in my electric kiln. I can go no higher in temperature, as I wish to maintain the subtlety and richness of my scale of colours. It is a very simple way of working and it rarely causes any problems technically; it is a language I can use freely, it allows me to concentrate on what I wish to say.

Anne FlÝche - White with Red Box Anne FlÝche - Green, Box Anne FlÝche - Light with White Dots
Anne FlÝche - Big Black with Stripes Anne FlÝche - White with Blue Stripes Anne FlÝche - Black with White Dots
Anne FlÝche - Big White Anne FlÝche - White Checkered Anne FlÝche - White with Fluted
Anne FlÝche - Yellow with Stripes Anne FlÝche - Boxes Anne FlÝche - Box
Anne FlÝche - Tablet, White w/ Pale Ochre Circles "Time is Curved" Anne FlÝche - Tablet with Black Anne FlÝche - Tablet, Blue with White