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Ashwini Bhat

My journey as an artist has been a vigorous interrogation in search of form. My background is in literature, translation and classical dance. Now I gather shapes from the world around me, from travel, and from my journeys through books. I also look inside myself for forms and I translate those into bodies of clay.

I hand-build with coils or work through solid clay blocks, scooping clay to create negative spaces. Although trained in wheel throwing, I became a hand-builder by choice. The slowness allows me to internalize forms, intensifying the physical process. I'm passionate about form ó mass, volume,
material ó and tectonics and movement, and my work celebrates the earth from which itís derived. I find it poignant that even in transformation, as clay turns to stone, the process of making ó a fingertip depression, scrape, or dent ó remains legible. My work isnít prone to ornamentation; nevertheless,anagama-fired sculptures with natural-ash and gritty surfaces communicate signs of both decay and perseverance. I want my sculptures to invite viewers to walk around them, to interact with the revealed and the hidden.

- Ashwini Bhat
Ashwini Bhat - Matrikas Ashwini Bhat - The Realm of The Hungry Ghost Ashwini Bhat - Tactile Language
Ashwini Bhat - Garden of Earthly Delights 2 Ashwini Bhat - Garden of Earthly Delights 1