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March 1 - March 31, 2018

Group Show

The Teabowl: East and West


Come see a wonderful selection of teabowls at our gallery

The Teabowl: East & West, by Dr Bonnie Kemske, looks at the context of the iconic teabowl form as it arose in chanoyu, or Japanese tea ceremony, its changes throughout Japanese ceramics history, and how twentieth- and twenty-first-century studio ceramicists have appropriated the form, bringing it into the cultural world of Europe and the Americas. It explores the mystique of the teabowl, and defines it through both its use and its aesthetic. Using the work of historical Japanese potters and contemporary ceramic artists, the book explores the concepts that have contributed to the teabowl aesthetic, such as wabi and the influence of Zen Buddhism, the techniques that have shaped it, such as wood-firing, raku, and kintsugi (traditional ‘gold’ repair), and the influence that non-traditional and global techniques have brought to bear on the teabowl, such as salt-glazing, contemporary graphic decoration, California raku, humor, and subversion. Finally, it explores the totemic nature of the form, the veneration in which it is held globally, and the many layers of meaning that it conveys, giving a sense of its subtle continuing strength.