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Nina Hole and Lacoste Keane Gallery
Gallery Representation

July 1 - Jul 30, 2018

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Lacoste Gallery at NCECA 2018
March 14 - Mar 17, 2018

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1925 - 2016

Jul 12, 2016

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Karen Karnes passed peacefully at home on July 12th, 2016. She was a towering figure of the postwar studio pottery movement, pioneering salt-glazing in the 1960s and wood-firing in the 1980s. Her work opened undreamed of possibilities of expression for the handmade pot. For the many potters who knew her, she was a mentor whose work embodied the creative power and singular voice to which we all aspire—her life in complete harmony with her creative vision. Karen Karnes was our artist. Her outspoken honesty, wit, and physical grace were unique and irresistible. The solidarity and love for her colleagues and nurturing support for younger potters changed careers and lives. She participated in many of the significant cultural moments of her generation, placing handmade pottery squarely in the midst of more than one avant-garde setting. Karnes was wont to speak her mind and lived by her own rules. In fact, early in her career, a customer who owned a gallery came in and asked the cost of a casserole that caught his eye at her Stony Point showroom. Hearing her response, he asked what the cost would be for a dozen. She told him that she would have to charge more for each one because she would not enjoy them as well, making so many. Her answer was like so much of how Karnes moved through the world: unforeseen. - Mark Shaipro

It has been a great privilege to know and represent Karen Karnes, one of the great artists of our time. From her earliest days her work has been strong and sculptural, including her functional pieces. She followed an inner radar true to her artistic vision and could always be counted on for the truth. -Lucy Lacoste

SOFA 2013

October 31 - Nov 3, 2013

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Featuring Steven Heinemann & Colby Parsons

Josephine Burr

Sunshine Cobb

Paolo Porelli

Tim Rowan

Linda Swanson

with a lecture by Colby Parsons on Friday November 1 from 12:00 - 1:00 PM in Room 324

Hybrids: Material Meets Digital

A new, interdisciplinary voice in the field, sculptor Colby Parsons discusses the development of his innovative work. Combining modern media technology with ceramics, Colby's work celebrates the historical materiality of clay and brings it to life through controlled light and patterns projected onto the crafted surfaces – revealing a dynamic unity between these very different media.


Paul Scott Lecture
Horizon - Landscapes, Ceramics and Prints

Oct 21, 2013

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Tonight at Harvard, Paul Scott will be discussing his most recent exhibition Horizon--Landscapes, Ceramics and Prints, tracing the journey of landscapes, images and patterns through differing media to their realization on the blue, black, pink, white tableware of The National Museum's Decorative Arts Collection.

Presented by Harvard Ceramics, the lecture will begin at 5 PM at the Ceramics Studio, 224 Western Ave, Allston.

To view more of Scott's work, please visit our gallery!

Opening Reception

Oct 12, 2013

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We were so pleased with the opening reception for Tim Rowan's newest exhibition FRAGMENTS. The crowd was lively, the mood festive, and the artwork superlative. There was much excitement and interest in Rowan's sculptures and a Q&A session with the artist himself. We want to share some photos from the evening, a well-attended event with such good company.

Join us for our next opening reception with Artist Jan McKeachie Johnston on Saturday November 16!

Ikebana by Jorge Padilla Zamudio
June 20 - Jun 30, 2013

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"Giving life to flowers"
the creation of a beautiful tradition brings a promise for the future…
We hear the silent movement of plants. Words unspoken of flowers and we interpret their form
in the creation of Ikebana. Like a poem or a flower painting, Ikebana expresses the beauty of the flowers and the blooming love in our hearts. In
the practice of Ikebana it is important to show
the character of each plant closely observing
their intrinsic nature, trying to avoid merely representing their superficial appearance.
On going events on the Blue and White theme

February 10 - Mar 10, 2013

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November 1 - Nov 4, 2012

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SOFA NY 2012
April 19 - Apr 23, 2012

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Pictures from Opening night and of the booth
Japanese Relief
December 13 - Jan 7, 2012

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Lacoste Gallery is please to have contributed over $5,000 to Japaneses relief through the Japan Society of Boston. The Japan earthquake relief fund has raised over $12,000,000 dollars from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

Japans recovery is expected to take over 5 years, If you want to contribute please contact the Japan Society of Boston.
Manz Image picked for SOFA NYC Banner
April 15 - Apr 16, 2011

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Bodil Manz's Angular Vessel was Selected for the banner at SOFA NY.
Kohyama's Kaze wins Best Art Work in Show at SOFA
April 14 - Apr 15, 2011

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Yasuhisa Kohyama's Kaze recived the Long House Prize for Best Artwork in Show. It was presented by Jack Lenor Larsen
April 14 - Apr 15, 2011

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